About Elaine J. Wold

Elaine J. Wold and Boca Raton Regional Hospital have much in common. In 1962, Gloria Drummond lost her two children, Debbie and Randall. The tragedy motivated Mrs. Drummond to enliven the community and raise funds to build a local hospital - Boca Raton Community Hospital, which opened in 1967. Elaine J. Wold, a life-long friend of Gloria Drummond, played a significant role in this endeavor. Together, they forged the future of healthcare in this area 50 years ago. That episode was at the root of Mrs. Wold’s extraordinary generosity toward Boca Raton Regional Hospital through the years.

Mrs. Wold is one of the nation’s leading philanthropists and a long-time BRRH supporter and donor. She most recently donated a large amount to construct the Hospital’s 37,500 square foot, state-of-the-art Gloria Drummond Physical Rehabilitation Institute, also named in memory of her friend. Previously, Mrs. Wold donated the funds to expand and modernize the Hospital’s Emergency Department, creating the Wold Family Center for Emergency Medicine, which treats more than 50,000 patients annually. She has supported various patient care initiatives at Boca Regional, and has donated to a number of community and national organizations. Now, through her Bay Branch Foundation, she has made an incredible gift to the Keeping the Promise capital campaign. Her request? She wanted the new seven-story patient tower named for her friend, Gloria Drummond, on the 50th anniversary of her enormous achievement.

Thank you, Mrs. Wold, for your organization-changing generosity here at Boca Raton Regional Hospital through the years, and for keeping your close friend’s name alive and thriving as we move on to the next chapter in a history you both helped start.

Elaine J. Wold

“I believe we all have a responsibility to improve the level of health care in our area, to forge new directions, and bring new medicine to our families here. While we move forward, it is vital to remember and honor how we arrived at this place. Gloria Drummond’s name is synonymous with Boca Raton Regional. Her legacy and spirit remain deeply ingrained in everything we do and whatever future we create.”

-Elaine J. Wold
Thank you Elaine J. Wold for your extraordinary gift toward the future of Boca Raton Regional Hospital!